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Proton and Perodua are two of Malaysia’s national car companies. Proton was established in 1983 and is the longest standing national car company. It produces cars ranging from passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, to commercial vehicles. Perodua, the second Malaysian national car company, was established in 1993 and produces mini-vehicles, family cars, and multi-purpose vehicles. Both companies have successfully delivered reliable cars with quality features.

Additionally, they have implemented the National Automotive Policy to ensure that the Malaysian automotive industry continues to advance and grow. Both brands have been successful in offering cost-effective ways of transportation, with highly competitive prices and attractive features that appeal to a wide range of customers.

Supercars and Muscle Cars

Supercars and muscle cars have a special place in automotive culture. From sleek modern designs to power-packed classic rides, these high-performance machines are capable of turning heads and whipping up excitement. Supercars offer extreme performance, with luxurious features, striking exterior styling, and lightning-fast performance.

Meanwhile, muscle cars are all about power and heritage, with classic designs featuring powerful V8 engines and unique styling that help to mark them out from the crowd. Whether it’s a supercar or a muscle car, both will bring excitement to your daily drive.

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Malaysian Brands

Malaysian Fashion Designer Brands

We will be featuring famous fashion designers from Malaysia so that and almost every Malaysian artist would like to wear a dress during a red-carpet event or any awards. Take a look at Malaysian-born Jimmy Choo who is already famous all over the world for his luxurious shoes with interesting collections.

Similarly, the country’s famous fashion designer, Rizman Ruzaini, has a touch of fashion that shows glamor, elegance and high creativity. We will also bring many fashion designers in the future for you to know who the famous Malaysian fashion designers are and bring the country’s name to the world stage. Click below picture of hit the button “more fashion” for more information.

Malaysian Electrical Appliances Brands

Familiar with Malaysia’s famous electrical and electronics brand, Khind? This time we will talk about the biodata of a Malaysian in the business of repairing electronic equipment and is now a very successful entrepreneur.

We will also be showcasing other Malaysian electrical and electronic brands such as Pensonic and others so that the inhouse brand is raised on par with international brands.

Malaysian Household Brands

This brand does not need to be introduced again in Malaysia because it has received extensive coverage in newspapers, radio funnels, television ads or internet ads and Antabax remains intact in personal care such as high-quality bath soap and gentle on the skin. The brand is on par with well-known anti-bacterial brands abroad and provides a variety of personal and family care products.

Antabax is a brand under the Lam Soon Group. Products produced by Lam Soon meet ISO9001, ISO 14001, GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards. Lam Soon operates in several countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Latest Koperasi Malaysia Brand

This is the only website about koperasi. We provide full information about co-operative in Malaysia. Our main business is to provide a personal loan (pinjaman peribadi) for government sector and selected GLC.

To apply a personal loan, simply call/ sms/ Whatsapp your latest payslip to 019-2983056. We have over 100 koperasi in Malaysia to choose from with competitive interest rate (flat rate) and Islamic Financing Shariah Compliant.

Khind electric and electrical home appliances
Rizman Ruzaini Malaysian Best Fashion Designer
Jimmy Choo Shoes and Bags

Antabax Malaysia Brand Antabax Malaysia Brand This brand does not need to be introduced again in Malaysia...

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