Jimmy Choo Shoes and Bags

Jimmy Choo Shoes and Bags
Jimmy Choo Shoes and Bags

It is the pride of Malaysians when the Jimmy Choo brand of a local Malaysian has become a popular brand and is well known internationally. Born in Georgetown, Penang on November 15, 1948, he was a Hakka in a cobbler family. And he is Jimmy Choo, a Malaysian fashion designer.

A world -famous brand, worn by international celebrities, a brand that symbolizes the wearer’s luxury, the Jimmy Choo brand is found in almost all the world’s leading shopping mall outlets. In Malaysia, you can find Jimmy Choo branded items at the Pavilion Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur shopping mall.

Early Education as a Cobbler

His family name is Chow but became Choo due to a misspelling on the birth certificate. Living in a shoemaker’s family gave him the opportunity to gain extensive guidance and knowledge from his father. His father was a handmade shoemaker and he used this opportunity to produce his first shoes and slippers at the age of 11 years.

He furthered his studies at London College of Fashion, England in 1982 and worked at several fashion firms in England before opening her own business. Jimmy Choo’s parents moved to London to help him open a business there.

Recognition In the Field of Fashion

Jimmy Choo gained much recognition in the field of fashion by receiving awards such as the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2002 and receiving an honorary doctorate award in 2004.

Many more recognitions that Jimmy Choo received such as Honorary Fellowship d University of Arts London in 2009, 2011: Winner of “The World’s Outstanding Malaysian Designer 2011” Design for Asia Award, Received You Bring Charm to the World – the Most Influential Malaysian Award of the year 2012 and most recently became the 2013 Red Dot product fashion jury.

Jimmy Choo Collections
Choose from head to toe Jimmy Choo Collections.

International Celebrities Wear Jimmy Choo Fashion

Many international celebrities showcased the fashion of shirts, shoes and other accessories on the red carpet of entertainment events. Among them are J-Lo, Megan Fox wearing Max, Hailey Bieber wearing ANOUK, Cate Blanchett wearing ROMY and many more famous artists.

Not to be missed are international political figures such as First Lady Dr Jill Biden wearing LOVE and ROMY, as well as US vice president Kamala Harris wearing ROMY.

Jimmy Choo Shoe Reviews by Internationally Famous Artists

“I would describe my style as eclectic,” smiles Kate Moss cocooned in a flurry of feathers on set for Jimmy Choo’s Pre-Fall 2020 campaign. Pre-Fall 2020 Jimmy Choo.

Review Daisy Edgar-Jones “My favorite shoes from the collection are the CRUZ boots. I love how the collection includes off-duty styles as well as glamorous heels.” “Confident, playful, glamorous, characterful and comfy.”

Renowned Digital Influencer Karen Wazen

Born in London and raised in Beirut, Karen Wazen is a well -known digital influencer in London who also styled Jimmy Choo’s Varenne.

Here is a review from Karen Wazen “I learned to become confident, and it’s been great since.”

Jimmy Choo Popular Collection

Many of the best and luxurious collections from head to toe from Jimmy Choo. One of the best collections is the JC Collection.

JC Collection

JC Collection is crafted with Jimmy Choo’s new logo, JC. There are 3 variants of VARENNE, namely bowling bag, clutch and shoulder bag. Anyone who owns this collection is very lucky because this collection is the key to Jimmy Choo’s ideology.

Jimmy Choo X Eric Haze Collection

This is a monochrome collection that combines high fashion and street culture and is combined with modernity and glamor.

The Pearl Collection

Use Pearls in each of these collections. Ideal for styling as a luxurious bride on the day of the wedding.

The Crystal Collection

Easy to recognize this collection because of the use of crystals. Very eye -catching all with a natural sheen. Perfect for a glamorous look with high shine and stand out.

The Monogram Collection

Just look at The Monogram Collection using the JC logo and the popular product is combat boots that are unique and luxurious.

Red Carpet Collection

Shoes and accessories worn by celebrities from the Red Carpet Collection must highlight the character of JC shoes and accessories. Using pearl and crystal hues highlights the wearer.

Retro Glamor Collection

Retro Glamor features retro products and among the products offered are high heels, soft phone holders, soft cardholders, boots, handbags, scarves and other accessories.

Custom Made Creation

Create your own bespoke design for yourself or gifted to others, all ideas can be realized with Custom Made Creation from Jimmy Choo.

Cinderella Shoes & Bag

This collection is specially designed for brides who look beautiful like Cinderella. Get a handbag bridal shoe for your wedding day.

Evangelie Smyrniotaki

The Evangelie Smyrniotaki collection combines perfection in terms of renowned quality with the concept of Avant-Garde aesthetics. For the record, Evangelie Smyrniotaki is a well -known stylist and influencer in Athens.

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