Kuat Harimau

Kuat Harimau
Kuat Harimau Malaysia Brand

It is quite impossible for Malaysians or expats who do not know this Malaysian brand, namely Kuat Harimau, which is sold in grocery stores, convenience stores, hypermarkets or on online sales platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. Apparently, this brand has been established in Malaysia for more than 45 years.

This brand uses words taken from Malay. Kuat Harimau or in English Strong Lion. The brand is easy to remember no matter old or young because its marketing strategy using the tiger mascot is showing off its muscular biceps.

Did you know?

United Detergent Industries (UDI) is a company that creates and distributes laundry soap for household use to promote family well -being by maintaining quality to the highest level.

This Kuat Harimau product can be found all over the country, in Peninsular Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak.

United Detergent Industries (UDI) Company History

United Detergent Industries (UDI) was established in 1977 and received Halal Certificate recognition in 2009. United Detergent Industries (UDI) went a step further by obtaining ISO 9001 in 2014 and in 2018 gained BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard recognition for Consumer Products.

In 2020, all powder products produced by UDI will be certified Halal by JAKIM. So you can use without hesitation.

Did you know?

United Detergent Industries (UDI) has opened a second manufacturing plant in Rembia, Melaka.

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Choose the best KUAT Harimau Product such as KUAT Harimau Super-PRO Super Clean, Pewangi Powder Detergent Aroma Flora or Laundry Bar Assorted

Popular Brands

In addition to the popular brand Kuat Harimau, UDI also has other brands that are no less popular and receive encouraging response from household consumers in Malaysia. Among the brands are AVA, Win, Mr. Strong, K1000, Super-K, Triple Dice, Anchor and M&S Shine.

Let’s make a review on these products and brands made in Malaysia so that you can identify which product is right for you.

Its brand remains established in Malaysia from then until now. There are 7 products that you can buy, namely Kuat Harimau Super Pro Super Clean, Fragrance Powder, Poly Bag Powder, Laundry Bar, Bleach, Diswashing Liquid and Dishwashing Paste.

Kuat Harimau Super Pro Super Clean Review

A complete detergent powder with long-lasting rose fragrance gives you superior cleansing and removes stains on fabrics with agility. Easy to identify with the red colored packaging.

Among the advantages of using Super Pro Super Clean are as follows: –

  • 4x* Cleaning Power for superb cleaning performance
  • Fragrance lasts up to 30 days
  • Suitable for indoor drying
  • Anti-bacterial-eliminates 99.9% bacteria and malodour
  • Available in 2.2kg

Get this washing powder product now through Shopee, Lazada or at a supermarket near your home.

KUAT Harimau Fragrance Powder Detergent Aroma Flora Review

Easily recognizable by its green colored packaging, KUAT Harimau Fragrance Powder Detergent Aroma Flora has impressive washing power. With a formula of oxygen bleach power and multi enzymes, this laundry powder is very suitable for washing the dirt that is difficult to clean, especially on the collar and cuffs by producing a lot of foam for a perfect wash.

This detergent also has color protection to last longer.

Among the advantages of using this washing powder are such as 3x more powerful washing power, effectively removes stubborn dirt, protection against colored clothes and does not damage the fabric. In addition, this cleansing powder has Fragrance Capsule for a more lasting fragrance for up to 30 days.

This washing powder is available in 750g / 2.3kg and 3.8kg packs.

KUAT Harimau Powder Detergent Colour Review

The third detergent powder from United Detergent Industries (UDI) that we will be reviewing is KUAT Harimau Powder Detergent Color which is easily recognizable with its blue packaging. It can wash stubborn dirt effectively and interestingly the brightness of your clothes is long lasting with aromatherapy fragrance and 3x* Cleaning Power for great cleaning performance.

This washing powder is available in various sizes including 800 grams, 2.4kg and 4kg and is suitable for top loading washing machines and hand washing.

There are also other variants for you to choose from, namely with lemon fragrance.

KUAT Harimau Laundry Bar Colour / Lemon / Lime / Flora

Still fresh in our mind in the old days when we didn’t have a washing machine, this KUAT Harimau Laundry Bar Color is the laundry bar that we use. The blue packaging with the flora fragrance was the most legendary at that time.

There are several variants for you to choose from such as Strong Tiger Laundry Bar Color, Lemon and Lime and is easily recognizable with its Rainbow, orange and light green colored packaging.

There is only one size which is 150 grams. Suitable for hand washing and pre-washing by smearing on dirty places.

KUAT Harimau Dishwashing Paste Micro-scrubber
Choose UDI premium quality products such as KUAT Harimau Bleach, KUAT Harimau Diswashing Liquid and KUAT Harimau Dishwashing Paste Micro-scrubber with valued for money.

KUAT Harimau Bleach Lemon

If your washing powder can’t remove stubborn stains on your white shirt, you’ll need to mix a little bit of Tiger Bleach Lemon STRONG Bleach into the shirt washing powder. It can kill 99.9% of germs and can also do the work of disinfecting your clothes and house.

There are 2 types of variants that you can choose from, namely Strong Tiger Oxi-Bleach Lemon and Regular with a size capacity of 250ml, 500ml, 900ml, 900ml twin pack and the largest 3.5 liters.

You can buy online at Lazada or Shopee.

Once we get information on bleach and detergent from United Detergent Industries (UDI), now it’s time for us to get information on dishwashing. Let’s get the info below.

KUAT Harimau Dishwashing Liquid Lemon

There are 4 variants for you to choose from, namely STRONG Tiger Dishwashing Liquid Lemon, Lime, Apple and Vinegar Power Cleaner.

STRONG Tiger Dishwashing Liquid Lemon and Lime are easily recognizable by their respective yellow and green bottle packs. Both of these dishwashing liquids are very effective for cleaning stubborn stains, more concentrated, power cleaning with just one wash and more value for your money. You can get it with a pack size of 500ml / 650ml (Pouch) / 900ml / 5L.

As for Apple dishwashing liquid, it comes in only one size which is 900ml. The last is the Vinegar Power Cleaner which has the same features as above but has the advantage of being able to remove mineral deposits on glassware and make the clean shiny. Like Apple, it only comes in one pack with a volume of 900 ml.

KUAT Harimau Dishwashing Paste Lemon / Lime Zap / Serai Wangi / Micro-Scrubber

The last product that we will be reviewing is the popular dish paste paste which is KUAT Harimau Dishwashing Paste Lemon Zap with the power to remove oil effectively with a yellow colored pack. Available in 200ml, 400ml and largest sizes 750ml.

If your glassware has dirt in the cracks and is difficult to remove, you can try KUAT Harimau Dishwashing Lemongrass Fragrant Paste as it contains vinegar which can remove mineral deposits left on the glass cups. With the scent of fragrant lemongrass, the work of washing dishes and cups will be more fun.

KUAT Harimau Dishwashing Paste Micro-Scrubber contains baking soda and micro-beads that serve to facilitate the work of cleaning your pots that are charred and black as a result of cooking using a gas stove. Available in 400 gram and 750-gram packs.

Contact United Detergent Industries (UDI)

For any inquiries about the products produced by UDI Company, you can submit your inquiries to: –

Manufacturing (Kelemak)
Lot 2, Jalan Baru, 78000 Alor Gajah,
Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: (606) 556 1316
Fax: (606) 556 1811
Email: kuat@udi.com.my

Manufacturing (Rembia)
Lot 1630-1634, Jalan Perindustrian Rembia 1,
Kawasan Perindustrian Rembia,
Melaka World Solar Valley,
78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka Malaysia.
Tel : (606) 316 3618
Fax : (606) 316 3881

UDI Marketing Sdn. Bhd (618935-P) (200301016515)
Sales & Marketing Office
Unit 1001 (Penthouse), Level 10, Block A,
No. 17, Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Square,
47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (603) 7805 7288
Fax : (603) 7805 7388
Email: marketing@udi.com.my

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