Proton S70 Reviews Price Technical Specification

Unveil the future of sedans in Malaysia with Proton S70. Experience intelligent evolution that redefines driving. Explore now for cutting-edge design and groundbreaking technology!

The Proton S70 Models/ Variants/ Trims

Discover a diverse selection of models, variants, and trims designed to cater to every driving need and preference. The range encompasses a variety of options, each meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, style, and innovation. Explore the lineup below to find the perfect model that aligns with your lifestyle and expectations.

Proton S70 Reviews Price Technical Specification

Proton S70 Reviews Price Technical Specification summary

  • Vehicle Name: Proton S70
  • Available Models/ Trim/ Engine: 4
  • Vehicle Brand: #Proton #S70 #Review
  • Country: #MALAYSIA
  • Year: 2024
  • Vehicle Type: #Sedan
  • Price: from as low as RM73,800

Unmatched Benefits with Proton S70

Iconic Warranty and Connectivity

The Proton S70 offers an enticing package with a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, ensuring peace of mind for drivers. Adding to the allure is a 5-year data package, providing 1GB/month for seamless connectivity on the go. This bold move by Proton sets a new standard in the automotive industry, prioritizing customer satisfaction and modern connectivity needs.

Comprehensive Care with Free Labour Service

Owners of the Proton S70 enjoy exceptional value with six times of free labor service, showcasing Proton’s commitment to keeping their vehicles in optimal condition. This initiative not only minimizes ownership costs but also reinforces Proton’s dedication to customer support and satisfaction.

Affordable Luxury with Proton S70

Starting at an attractive price of RM 73,800, the Proton S70 doesn’t compromise on design, safety, or comfort. Boasting a youthful and exciting design, the S70 is not just a car; it’s a statement. With luxurious interiors, total safety features, and an exhilarating driving experience, the sedan proves to be an irresistible choice for those seeking an affordable yet premium vehicle.

In summary, the Proton S70 is a standout in its class, offering unparalleled benefits, comprehensive care, and affordable luxury, making it a top contender for drivers who prioritize value, connectivity, and an exciting driving experience.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Proton S70’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Revolutionary Features of Proton S70

In summary, the Proton S70 goes beyond expectations with its revolutionary features, offering an advanced and connected driving experience that caters to the needs and desires of modern-day drivers

  1. 12.3” Infotainment Head Unit Experience the Future at Your Fingertips: The Proton S70 introduces a 12.3” infotainment head unit, a floating touchscreen monitor that provides easy access to essential features. This cutting-edge technology enhances user experience, making navigation, entertainment, and connectivity seamlessly integrated into the driving journey.
  2. Voice Command A Command Away from Convenience:Proton S70 introduces voice command functionality, allowing drivers to control various aspects of the vehicle simply by saying “Hi PROTON.” From adjusting windows and sunroof to managing air-conditioning and online navigation, this feature offers unparalleled convenience and a futuristic driving experience.
  3. Online Navigation Navigate with Confidence: The Online Navigation feature in the car ensures that drivers are equipped with GPS navigation, offering precise driving directions and real-time traffic alerts. Stay ahead of the curve and reach your destination effortlessly with this advanced navigation system.
  4. Online Music Streaming and Weather Forecast Entertainment and Preparedness in One Package: With the capability for online music streaming and real-time weather forecasts, the Proton S70 keeps drivers entertained and informed. Enjoy your favorite music while staying up to date with current weather conditions, enhancing both the driving experience and overall journey.
  5. Smartphone Connectivity Your Smartphone, Your Infotainment:The car facilitates seamless smartphone connectivity, allowing users to mirror-link their Android or iOS devices to the infotainment head unit. This integration ensures easy access to favorite apps, making the driving experience more personalized and enjoyable.
  6. Remote Control via PROTON Link App Control at Your Fingertips, Anywhere: The Proton S70 provides remote control functionality through the PROTON Link App. Users can monitor and control specific vehicle functions remotely, including starting the engine and adjusting air-conditioning settings. This feature enhances security and convenience for car owners.
  7. 5 USB Ports Charge Up On the Go:Proton S70 understands the importance of staying connected. With five USB ports, including three USB Type-A and two USB Type-C ports, charging electronic devices on the go becomes hassle-free, ensuring that you and your passengers stay powered throughout the journey.
  8. Wireless Charger Clutter-Free Charging:The Proton S70 offers a wireless charging feature, providing a clutter-free solution for charging mobile devices. With this convenience, drivers and passengers can keep their devices charged without the hassle of tangled cords, ensuring a neat and organized interior.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Proton S70’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Proton S70 Safety and Convenience Features

6 SRS Airbags

Proton S70 prioritizes safety with its advanced airbag system. Featuring 6 SRS airbags strategically placed, it provides comprehensive protection to occupants, reducing the risk of injury during a collision.

Protect and Prevent

The 6 SRS airbags are designed to deploy intelligently, considering collision dynamics and occupant positions, enhancing overall safety for the driver and passengers.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

Enhancing collision avoidance, the car incorporates AEB and FCW. This dynamic duo alerts the driver and autonomously applies brakes when a potential frontal collision is detected.

Smart Intervention

The system’s proactive approach to collision prevention showcases Proton S70’s commitment to intelligent safety measures, ensuring a swift response to potential dangers on the road.

Rear Collision Warning (RCW)

Proton S70 keeps an eye on the rear with the Rear Collision Warning system. This feature alerts the driver to potential rear-end collisions, activating hazard lamps to warn vehicles behind.

Vigilant Rear Protection

By offering timely warnings and visual signals, RCW enhances situational awareness, providing an extra layer of safety during complex traffic scenarios.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop and Go

The Proton S70 introduces convenience with its Adaptive Cruise Control, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front, regardless of changes in speed.

Stress-Free Driving

ACC with Stop and Go adapts to traffic conditions, offering a more relaxed driving experience, especially in congested situations.

Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)

The ICC in Proton S70 takes cruise control to the next level by maintaining a safe distance with the vehicle in front and ensuring the vehicle stays centered in the lane.

Effortless Highway Driving

With ICC, long drives become more comfortable as the vehicle intelligently adjusts speed and positioning, reducing driver fatigue.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Departure Prevention (LDP), Lane Centering Control (LCC)

Proton S70’s comprehensive lane control system includes LDW, LDP, and LCC, providing a three-tiered approach to lane safety.

Stay on Course

This integrated system not only alerts the driver but actively intervenes to keep the vehicle securely within the lane boundaries.

Traffic Sign Information (TSI)

Proton S70 utilizes TSI to detect, identify, and display road sign information directly in the meter combination, ensuring drivers stay informed about speed limits and other crucial signs.

Informed Driving

TSI enhances driver awareness, contributing to a safer driving experience by providing real-time information about the road ahead.

Lane Change Assist (LCA)

For safer maneuvers, Proton S70 incorporates LCA, which monitors blind spots and alerts the driver when other vehicles are nearby, facilitating confident lane changes.

Confidence in Every Move

LCA acts as an extra set of eyes, reducing the chances of collisions during lane changes and enhancing overall driving confidence.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Backing out of parking spaces becomes safer with RCTA, as it detects approaching vehicles from the rear and sides.

Parking Made Safer

RCTA adds an extra layer of safety when maneuvering in parking lots, reducing the risk of collisions with unseen vehicles.

Intelligent High Beam Control (IHBC)

The vehicle’s IHBC automatically switches between low and high beams based on oncoming traffic, ensuring optimal visibility without dazzling other drivers.

Illumination on Demand

IHBC enhances nighttime visibility, making driving safer by providing maximum illumination without causing discomfort to other road users.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Proton S70 features TPMS to monitor real-time tyre pressure, offering peace of mind and ensuring optimal tire performance.

Optimal Tyre Health

By keeping drivers informed about tyre pressure, TPMS contributes to better fuel efficiency and overall safety.

Electric Parking Brake with Auto Brake Hold

Proton S70’s electric parking brake offers convenience and safety by keeping the vehicle stationary with a simple switch and automatically releasing the brake when accelerating.

Effortless Parking

The Electric Parking Brake with Auto Brake Hold simplifies parking, adding an extra layer of convenience to the driving experience.

360 Camera with 3D Display

Proton S70 enhances maneuverability with its 360 Camera and 3D Display, providing visual assistance for parking and navigating tight spaces.

Visual Precision

The 360 Camera offers a comprehensive view, making parking and low-speed maneuvers more precise and stress-free.

In conclusion, the Proton S70 boasts an array of safety and convenience features, prioritizing the well-being of its occupants and ensuring a technologically advanced and enjoyable driving experience.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Proton S70’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Proton S70 Features: A Glimpse of Innovation and Style

LED Headlamps with Daytime Running Lamps

Experience optimal visibility regardless of weather conditions with the Proton S70’s LED Headlamps. The integrated Daytime Running Lamps not only enhance safety but also add a touch of sophistication to the car’s exterior.

17″ Alloy Wheels

The Proton S70 boasts 17″ Alloy Wheels featuring a geometric multi-spoke design. These wheels not only contribute to the car’s dynamic aesthetics but also ensure a smooth and stylish ride on any road.


Enjoy a breath of fresh air and a panoramic view of the skies with the Proton S70’s Sunroof. This feature adds a sense of openness to the interior, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Rear Taillight Bar

The Proton S70’s Rear Tail Light Bar adds a rhythmic and futuristic flair to the car’s rear. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it contributes to the overall safety with its distinctive lighting design.

Full LCD Meter Combination

The 10.3″ high-definition Full LCD Meter Combination provides clear and concise information at a glance. Stay informed about crucial details while enjoying a modern and sophisticated display.

T-Design Shift Lever

The T-Design Shift Lever of the Proton S70 combines ergonomic functionality with a premium and advanced design. This shift lever not only enhances driving comfort but also adds a touch of sophistication to the car’s interior.

In summary, the Proton S70 is not just a car; it’s a fusion of innovation and style. With features like LED Headlamps, 17″ Alloy Wheels, Sunroof, Rear Tail Light Bar, Full LCD Meter Combination, and T-Design Shift Lever, it offers a driving experience that’s both technologically advanced and visually appealing.

* Note: For the full range of specifications and a comprehensive understanding of the Proton S70’s capabilities, detailed attention to the official documentation and specifications is recommended.

Proton S70 comfort and performance reviews

Proton S70 Comfort and Convenience: Elevate Your Driving Experience

Leatherette Seats

Indulge in luxury and comfort with the Proton S70’s Leatherette Seats. Designed for both style and relaxation, these seats provide a touch of sophistication to the car’s interior.

Driver Power Seat

Experience personalized comfort with the Driver Power Seat feature. Adjust your driving position effortlessly with a simple touch of a button, ensuring an optimal and ergonomic driving experience.

Auto Air-Conditioning with N95 Cabin Filter

The Proton S70 takes care of your well-being with its Auto Air-Conditioning system equipped with an N95 Cabin Filter. Enjoy automatic temperature regulation and breathe clean, purified air during your journeys.

Rear Air Vents

Keep everyone in the car cool and refreshed with the Rear Air Vents of the Proton S70. Ensure a pleasant journey for your passengers in the rear seats, enhancing overall comfort.

In summary, the Proton S70 goes beyond being just a car; it’s a haven of comfort and convenience. With features like Leatherette Seats, Driver Power Seat, Auto Air-Conditioning with N95 Cabin Filter, and Rear Air Vents, it transforms every drive into a luxurious and enjoyable experience.

Proton S70: Performance and Innovation Redefined

1.5L Turbo Engine

Unleash the power of the Proton S70 with its 1.5L Turbo Engine, delivering an impressive 150PS of power and 226Nm of torque. Experience a perfect blend of performance and efficiency on every drive.

7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission with Manual Mode

Navigate through traffic seamlessly with the 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission. Whether in automatic or manual mode, enjoy faster, smoother, and more responsive gear shifts, enhancing your driving experience.

Drive Mode Selection

Tailor your driving experience with Drive Mode Selection. Choose between Sport, Eco, or Comfort mode to match your driving style and preferences. Enjoy a personalized journey with the Proton S70’s adaptive drive modes.

Ride and Handling

The Proton S70 is finely tuned for exceptional handling and all-around comfort. Whether cruising on highways or maneuvering through city streets, the ride and handling are optimized for a superior driving experience.

Remote Engine Start

Experience convenience like never before with Remote Engine Start. Warm up the engine and cool the cabin remotely before entering the vehicle, ensuring a comfortable start to your journey.

In summary, the Proton S70 stands out with its powerful turbo engine, advanced transmission, adaptive drive modes, exceptional ride and handling, and innovative remote engine start feature, promising a driving experience that exceeds expectations.

Did you know?

The Proton S70 offers a range of enticing accessory packages to elevate your driving experience. The Aerokit Package, priced at RM3,130.00, enhances the S70's aesthetics and performance. With a sporty design, it adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle. Next up is the Premium Package at RM2,660.00, providing luxurious features to amplify comfort and style. Lastly, the Urban Package at RM1,020.00 combines practicality with urban flair, making your S70 a perfect companion for city adventures. Additionally, the Utility Package at RM455.00 offers functional enhancements for everyday utility. Choose the package that suits your lifestyle and tailor your Proton S70 to match your preferences.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Proton S70

Buy the Proton S70 for a winning combination of sleek design, powerful 1.5L Turbo Engine, and advanced features. Its intelligent technology, comfortable interiors, and customizable packages offer a standout driving experience. Enjoy the perfect blend of style, performance, and innovation in this sedan.

The Proton S70 is perfect for discerning drivers seeking a stylish sedan with advanced features. Ideal for those who prioritize a powerful 1.5L Turbo Engine, intelligent technology, and comfort. Whether you value performance, innovation, or a blend of both, the car is designed for those who appreciate a superior driving experience.

As a budget-friendly and family-oriented sedan, the Proton S70 offers decent performance, an attractive design, reliable safety features, and spacious interiors.

The Proton S70 falls under the sedan car category.

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