Rizman Ruzaini

Rizman Ruzaini Malaysian Best Fashion Designer
Rizman Ruzaini Malaysian Best Fashion Designer

This name is no stranger to the art of fashion in Malaysia. Many Malaysian celebrities’ style their designer clothes. None other than Rizman Ruzaini.

Don’t get me wrong because Rizman Ruzaini’s name is owned by 2 good friends, Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Jamil.

Rizman Ruzaini Biodata

These two Malaysian fashion icons are married. Rizman Nordin was married to a beautiful businessman named Nurida Suraya in 2019. While in 2016 Ruzaini Jamil was married to Hidayati Yahya or better known as Deqda.

Glamor Artist

Among the Malaysian glamorous artists who have collaborated with Rizaman Ruzaini in red carpet events, Screen Awards and other performances and entertainment events are Nor Fazura, modeling and also great actress Nasha Aziz, Malaysia’s number 1 singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira and many more.

One of the most memorable moments was around 2018 in the ABPBH31 event where Fazura wore a yellow dress from Rizman Ruzaini performing with her husband Fattah Amin

Rizman Ruzaini Malaysian Best Fashion Designer
Some of the best collections from Rizman Ruzaini Malaysian Best Fashion Designer

Rizman Ruzaini's Lebaran Fashion

One thing that is of concern to the entertainment world and the fashion world in Malaysia is with the announcement of Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Jamil that they will use their wives as the main models of Eid fashion. The decision they made was right as they were both gorgeous and inspiring in producing very stylish fashions. Many Malaysian fans and netizens are happy with the decision made by the two of them.

Fashion RR

Using the RR emblem as a symbol of high-quality fashion, Rizman Ruzaini offers a variety of fashions from head to toe. From women’s accessories, fashion bags and high heels to beauty products, Rizman Ruzaini’s name is synonymous with today’s contemporary fashion style.

Many of the country’s famous artists wear bespoke from Rizaman Ruzaini. You can also look elegant on your wedding day with Rizman Ruzaini’s dress which has its own class.

In addition to fashion for women, RR also introduced men’s clothing fashion such as kurta and baju melayu. Look stylish for kids with RR Kids. For those who like to buy ready-made clothes, Rizman Ruzaini provides ‘ready-to-wear’ clothes with a captivating collection.

RR Heels Collection

RR high heels are available in 5 color options such as: –

  1. RR Heels with buckle in Nude.
  2. RR Heels with buckle in White.
  3. RR Heels with buckle in Black.
  4. RR Cinderella Heels with buckle.
  5. RR Cinderella Heels.

RR Bag Collection

Many collections of handbags produced by Rizman Ruzaini, namely RR Mono Mini Tote. We are very impressed with the solid design of the RR Mono Mini Tote in Printed Edition handbag which looks unique and highlights the features of the bag.

RR Beauty Supplement Drink

Anyone who wants inner beauty can try the RR Beauty Shot beauty supplement. One box contains 7 soft sachets that can be drunk on its own. RR Beauty Shot contains “Botanical Mixed Berries Beverage with Taurine and Vitamin B complex” which is definitely for beautiful and smooth skin and face.

Another beauty supplement drink is RR Beauty Peachy Flush which contains ‘Botanical Beverage Peach Juice with Green Tea Extract and Aloe Vera Extract’.

RR Fragrance Series

Rizman Ruzaini’s product is really strong by producing ‘RR Fragrance Series’ perfume. There are 3 types of perfume that you can choose such as: –

  1. RR Perfume Signature
  2. RR Perfume for Women
  3. RR Perfume for Men

All these perfume bottles are available at RM49 each. Can buy online with 3 easy instalments via visa and FPX.

RR Lipstick Collection

Highlight the beauty of your lips and spread your smile with the collection of RR matte lipsticks beauty like royalty. The list of lipstick products is as follows: –

  1. RR Beauty Lip Gloss
  2. RR Beauty Matte Lipsticks Loose (selected Audrey, Marilyn, Grace, Saadiah, Saloma, Sarimah, Madhuri, Aishwarya, Deepika, Khadeeja, Safiya, Aaisya)
  3. RR Beauty Wipes

Skin Care Products (Skincare Series)

Use skin care products from Rizman Ruzaini without hesitation with RR Beauty Cleanser and RR Beauty Serum. RR Beauty Cleanser will remove impurities and light makeup in one easy step, leaving your skin fresh, youthful and radiant. RR Beauty Cleanser costs RM39 and can be paid in 3 easy instalments with hoolah.

RR Beauty Serum will promote skin lightening and even skin tone on all skin types, reduce the level of skin tanning after UV exposure and help minimize the appearance of liver spots.

Rizman Ruzaini's Bridal Gowns

Choose from many wedding dresses such as Hilwa, Munira, Aliya, Fatiha, Maisarah, Nazira, Nabila and Adila with prices ranging from RM799 to RM1,499. Can also pay easy instalments for 3 months.

There is also a bespoke wedding dress please contact the RR boutique for more information.

Round Neck T-Shirt, Kurta and Baju Melayu RR

Not complete without men’s fashion from this great designer, Rizman Ruzaini also makes casual fashion with a beautiful shirt that suits today’s tastes. By playing with color tones either black and white or dark blue and white reveals great monochrome features.

Kurta shirts are also available for men who want this great touch of Rizman Ruzaini. There are 5 attractive color tones priced at RM189 and you also make easy payment instalments for 3 months.

Baju Melayu RR is a hard sell product (sold out) produced by our great Malaysian designer, Rizman Ruzaini. You can choose baju melayu, baju melayu buttons, kain sampin which all have the RR logo on it. Look stylish on Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Baby RR Collections

Not only mothers and fathers can style Rizman Ruzaini’s fashion. Toddlers are also not left behind with the Baby RR collection. Get handkerchiefs, blankets, boy nightgowns, kids sleepsuits and even bear dolls at affordable prices and guaranteed high quality.

In conjunction with the celebration of the 15th anniversary, Butik Rizman Ruzaini provides beautiful girls’ shirts with various patterns and colors. Just choose your daughter’s favorite color. There are also matching shirts with mothers that can be found at Butik Rizman Ruzaini.

Rizman Ruzaini Malaysian Best Fashion Designer
Rizman Ruzaini baju kurung, luxury raya, baby clothing, kain samping etc.

RR Luxury Raya

Want to look elegant and luxurious in conjunction with Aidilfitri celebrations? Let’s get this very elegant Rizman Ruzaini baju kurung. Great details elevate the wearer’s draw. This Luxury Raya collection is premium fashion and for those who care about style without thinking about money, this is a collection of raya shirts that you must buy!

Each woman’s raya shirt has a simple instalment scheme for 3 months. Instalments start from RM298 only.

Many more great fashions by famous Malaysian fashion designers. You can come to the boutique located at Midfields Square West, B1-5 Dataran Niaga Sg Besi, Jalan 11/108c, Dataran Sg. Iron, Taman Sg. Besi Kuala Lumpur.

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